Xi'an University of Science and Technology (XUST) has a long and distinguished history. Its roots can be traced back to the Metallurgical Mining Department of Beiyang University (Or Beiyang Institute of Technology) which was founded in 1895. In July 1938, the Beiyang Institute of Technology was moved to the Northwest Institute of Technology. In 1957, the Department of Mining and Metallurgy of Northwest Institute of Technology was incorporated into Xi'an Jiaotong University. On September 15, 1958, the Xi’an Mining Institute was formally established on the base of the faculty and the facilities of Mining Department, Geology Department and Basic Courses Department of Jiao Tong University. It became one of the two five-year undergraduate institutes under the direct supervision of the then Ministry of Coal Industry. The original CAS (Chinese Academy of Science) president Guo Moruo wrote the school name.In August 1998, the State Council detached the institute from Ministry of Coal Industry and gave jurisdiction to the Shaanxi Provincial Government. In June 1999, approved by the Ministry of Education, the institute changed its name to Xi'an Institute of Science and Technology and in April 2003, it was officially renamed Xi'an University of Science and Technology (XUST). 
XUST is an officially recognized Civilized Campus and Garden Unit of Xi’an City. It has two academic campuses which are named as Lintong Campus and Yanta Campus. At the present, it has eighteen colleges or departments, one national key discipline-Safety Technology and Engineering, eight key disciplines of provincial and ministerial level, nineteen state and provincial-level featured subjects, five provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, three key laboratories of provincial and ministerial level, one key laboratory of Ministry of Education, one State Mine Rescue Xi’an Research Centre, one Ministry of Education Engineering Research Centre as well as four Shaanxi provincial #13115 Project Research Centers. The university is leading the field in terms of the quantity and quality of the courses it offers, the quality of its teaching, and its relationship with Ministry of Education. In 2004, XUST was awarded an ‘Excellent’ rating for undergraduate education in an evaluation conducted by China Ministry of Education. In addition to the fifty-four undergraduate programs, XUST has six Post-Doctorate mobile research centers, thirty-seven Doctorate programs, eighty-five Master’s programs, eighteen Master’s mandated programs in Engineering, an MBA Training Centre and an MPACC Training Centre. The present enrollment, including doctoral, postgraduate as well as undergraduate students, reaches more than 23,000.
The last fifty years of development (under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, the former Ministry of Coal Industry, and the Shaanxi Provincial Government) has witnessed several generations of XUST students making important contributions to China’s coal industry and regional economic and social development through pioneering, tenacity, personnel training and arduous scientific research which always kept a close connection with the local community. During the ‘Eleventh Five-Year Plan’ (2006-2010), the school has undertaken nearly two thousand scientific research projects of all kinds. Among them, the ‘973’ and ‘863’ are the national science and technology support plans and a hundred and seventy-three are national projects, including the national natural science funds and the national social science funds. The total cost of these scientific research expenses is 6.3 billion Yuan. It obtained 1522 science and technology achievement awards, among which three are State Science and Technology Progress Awards, 131 are provincial and ministerial level Scientific and Technological Progress Awards and 1522 are patented projects with the total scientific and technological industry output valued at 330 million Yuan. XUST has now expanded into a comprehensive yet continually developing, multi-disciplinary education and research university with mining and its related disciplines as its main traits, covering six main disciplines: Engineering, Science, Management, Literature, Law and Art. It has nurtured more than 80,000 graduates and they are now playing very important roles in all areas of society.
Looking to the future, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, its teachers, students and all employees will be adhering to its proud slogans, ‘Unity, Diligence, Truth-seeking, Innovation’ and ‘Exert for Prosperity and Strive for Self- improvement’, making a constant commitment to development, innovation and improving XUST into an even stronger teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics by tightly adhering to its ‘Twelfth Five-Year’ (2011-2015) development goals. Scientific development will remain its main subject, the aim of construction its primary function, the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning its aim.

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